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The KP1-5 Project
History and Origins

The KP1-5 Project began in 2002 when the separate efforts of several different groups of DXers were combined for the common purpose of activating Navassa (KP1) and Desecheo (KP5) islands.   Neither island had seen amateur radio operations for over 10 years at that time.   They had worked their way up the "most Wanted" list for DXCC.   The ball began rolling when Mike Thomas, NA5U contacted the DXCC Desk at ARRL to see what information could be learned about the situation and what was known about any current efforts that were underway to seek the cooperation of the USFWS.   It was suggested that he contact Bob Allphin, K4UEE as he knew that Bob was working on a proposal for an operation from Desecheo.   Bob, K4UEE was contacted and he explained his efforts and then referred NA5U to Brad Farrell, K4RT.   Bob had been aware that Brad was also working on gaining permission for an operation from Desecheo and was appealing USFWS denial of permits to operate from both islands.   Shortly thereafter, a decision was made to consolidate efforts and attempt to speak for the worldwide amateur radio community with one consolidated voice.

Over the next five years, numerous avenues were explored and ultimately as a result of the professional and diligent efforts of The KP1-5 Project, a decision was made by the USFWS to allow an amateur radio operation on Desecheo.

On June 30, 2008 the FWS issued a letter calling for proposals to be submitted to visit Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge for a period of 2-weeks for the purpose of radio operations.   These letters went to various individuals and groups that had made inquiries with USFWS over the previous ten years. Seven responded with a proposals and an independent, three person panel reviewed the various proposals in an effort to select the proposal that most closely met or exceeded the requirements set out by USFWS.   The KP1-5 Project submitted a detailed, the 271-page proposal and was ultimately selected on September 29, 2008.   Then on February 9, 2009, in Rincon, PR, the Special Use Permit was signed by DXpedition team leaders, Bob Allphin, K4UEE and Dr. Glenn Johnson, WGJ.

Over the ensuing two weeks, 22 (rotating) amateur radio operators established eight amateur radio stations under the watchful eye of USFWS Law Enforcement personnel and made an astonishing 115,787 radio contacts. This resulted in Desecheo moving from the number six "most wanted' DXCC entity (of 338) to completely out of the top 100. A job well done by any measure and all requirements set out by the USFWS were met or exceeded.

Following the successful K5D operation, the KP1-5 Project has turned its attention and efforts toward Navassa. The logistics and security requirements dictated by the location of Navassa make this a complicated operation.   We are continuing to work with our contacts within USFWS and are optimistic that a mutually beneficial solution can be agreed upon and that a partnership between USFWS and The KP1-5 Project will eventually lead to another USFWS-authorized amateur radio operation from Navassa Island.

Bob Allphin, K4UEE

Glenn Johnson,WGJ
Vice President

Mike Thomas, NA5U

Jim Bass, K5KQI



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